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hello, I'm Ron Beck. I am an artist & designer. I offer hand designed aquarium & reptile tank plants | home & office decor | creative advertising & design.

my designs are available for purchase on ebay | etsy | web site.

comments | questions welcome

I will blog / share my designs here as well as a wide variety of other art & design images that inspire me. I will attempt to list creative credit to those images, when known. I do not own the rights to any image on this blog (except my own designs) and will be happy to remove any in question.
Gerhard Richter. Nothing but the destruction of things.
Playing with Bellissimo by Hazel Terry on Flickr
Found on
My Aquarium by ssilence    (via blog | ron beck designs)

Green Forest Lizard (Calotes calotes) | David Cook Wildlife Photography

Golden fireworm  (Golden Bristle Worm)
This is a marine polychaete of the species Chloeia flava commonly referred to as Golden fireworm, which can reach up to 10 cm long and occurs in the  Indo-Pacific. 
These polychaetes have a bad reputation because their bristles (setae) are painfully urticating, hence their common name of fireworm.
[Annelida - Polychaeta - Amphinomida - Amphinomidae]
References: [1]
Photo credit: ©Ben Naden | Locality: Bali, Indonesia
Space Base by zhaoenzhe.deviant.
Invade by ~zhaoenzhe
sculpture | mixed media ‘assemblages‘ of American artist Kris Kuksi
Night Light by njk1951 on Flickr.
Yellow-mouth Moray Eel, Red Sea, Eilat, Israel   unknown credit
Painting by Vladimir Kush Surrealist Artist
Russian Leather Waxcap | unknown
Federico Babina
IMG_9241 by Rabu92 on Flickr
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